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    Eat a Pitta


    Eat a Pitta

    Street food of the future.

    Emerging from a family kitchen.

    Eat a Pitta is built on a family recipe shared more than 80 years ago. First located in St Nicholas’ Market, Eat a Pitta celebrate handmade falafel, hummus and pitta.

    A hunger for more.

    Recognising the popularity of St Nicholas’ Market, Eat a Pitta got us on board to help with their expansion across Bristol to create a food loving community.

    “As a kid I was always glued to my grandmother’s side as she taught me how to make the perfect falafel, crispy on the outside, moist in the middle,”

    Founder, Dan Levy.

    Students, office workers and visitors.

    Operating a grab ‘n’ go style concept requires a certain type of customer; namely students, office workers and passing visitors. Noting this, we carried out research into high foot fall areas of Bristol and shortlisted appropriate locations within the city.

    Five falafel outlets.

    Now spread across the city in five outlets, Eat a Pitta have a reputation for making Bristol’s best falafel. We continue to support the business through site acquisition, lease advisory, managing Landlord disputes and of course visiting our local Eat a Pitta!

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