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    Seasonal Fruit & Vegetables for June

    Eating “in season” means consuming foods that are grown at the same time of year that you eat them. Most fruit and veg are being grown somewhere in the world at any given time, therefore the emphasis on locality underpins the notion of seasonal eating. Seasonal produce, that is grown local to you not only tastes better, but also has less of an environmental impact, as less miles are being travelled to get your food from source to plate.

    Below are a few things to consider when it comes to sourcing fresh, local, seasonal produce.

    1) Farmers markets are a good place to start when it comes to buying local produce. Research your local farmers market and make a day of it! You can find so many gems from trade stands you may not come across on the High Street.

    2) Growing your own food may sound pretty daunting, but is actually a fun, easy and often cheaper alternative to buying produce. Start with something small such as cress or lettuce, as these can be grown indoors and require little space!

    3) Supermarket food prices often reflect what is in season and what is not. If the price is falling, there is a good chance that food item is coming into season, while high rising prices the food is out of season and being shipped in from other countries.

    So what fruit and veg are in season at the moment?

    – Lettuce

    – Broad beans

    – Spinach

    – New potatoes

    – Goosberries

    – Strawberries

    – Blueberries

    – Cherries

    Happy foraging !

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